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Audioguide Münster.
Audioguide Münster

The multi-media city guide for smartphones


Available for iOS and Android.

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We invite you to join us in an exploration of Münster's inner city. Experience the city of the Peace of Westphalia, the Anabaptists, and the Prince-Bishops in a completely new way with the help of your smartphone: On our 3 km long tour you will discover 20 sights, including historical buildings and mysterious places: from the Domplatz via the Stubengasse and the Picasso Square, to the Historical Town Hall and the university. You will get to know new places and rediscover well-known spots. The tour is comprehensive, compact, and easy to follow. Within 90 minutes you will explore the city in all its diversity: its stories and history, its historical and modern architecture, its art and culture.

Explore the city at your own pace

The Münster Audioguide provides you with an individual guide through the city. You can start at a stop of your choice and follow the tour at your own pace. Close-up pictures of the sights help orientate users; while historical images offer insights into the city's history. You can pause the tour anywhere you like, to allow yourself a break in a café, or to explore an area in greater depth. The text-view enables you to re-read the audio-inputs at your leisure.

Innovative and intuitive

The GPS navigation will guide you simply and safely along the route. In addition to the 20 audio-inputs, the guide offers numerous text-stops with further information, which you can bring up on your display as needed. The use of the audio-guide is self-explanatory, making the app intuitively functional. The guide includes numerous interviews. Among others, Wilsberg-actor Leonard Lansink, the warder of St. Lamberti Wolfram Schulze, and the architect of the city library Julia Bolles-Wilson all have their say. Download the Münster Audioguide now for free and discover Münster: the city of peace, the city of detective stories, the city of science, and of savoir vivre!

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In order to be fully functional the audioguide requires an active internet connection. Please note that depending on the version the app may reach a size of up to 60MB and the download can therefore take some time.